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Alien #11373 (Kyung Eun You) was born and raised in Korea and currently resides in New York, the city she’s been staying for the longest time in her life. She makes images, primarily in printmaking, and draws short comics based upon memories and experiences. Her prints and comics have been exhibited and published in US, Hong Kong and Korea. She’s been selected to participate in NYFA Immigrant Artist Program in Visual Art in 2017, and Art-in-Ed Workspace Residency at Women’s Studio Workshop in 2018.

Alien #10032 (Pelenakeke Brown) was born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand (or Aotearoa as the Natives named it). She currently resides in New York (or Lenapehoking as the Natives named it) and has begun a commune with other Aliens from her original home planet, Samoa. She is a multi-disciplinary Alien, her practice includes drawing, writing, storytelling and movement. Across her mediums she is exploring relational space, time and history, with her experiences as an ‘in-between’ Alien informing her work. #10032 identifies as an indigenous, colonized, queer, disabled Alien. She is recognized by the authorities and organizations as an Alien artist: she is a 2016/17 Immigrant Artist alumni with NYFA, an Alien artist on Dance/NYC, Immigrant Artist Initiative Task Force 2017/18, and a current 2018 Create Change Fellow with the Laundromat Project. Her works have been published in the James Franco Review, Hawaii Review and the Apogee Journal. Alien #10032 has exhibited and performed in New York City and Auckland, New Zealand.

Alien #1101 (Yuko Uchida) was born in Shimane which is the identifying place of all Japanese gods. She landed in Brooklyn, NY and began her studies in printmaking, mixed-media and sculpture. Her experience in Fashion Design has served her well and continues to inform her art as she repeatedly uses fabric, line and form in her constructions. In 2009, she was awarded the prestigious David McFadden award from the ISE Cultural Foundation. In 2013, her work was selected in the 6th showcase competition in ArtSlant. In 2014, #1101 started collaborative performance art with several artists before beginning her own performance project with selected artists in 2016. She has performed with her collaborators at Judson Memorial Church, National Academy Museum, Fort Tilden and Flux Factory. She has been exhibited in New York City and Tokyo and has been published in publications and newspapers stateside and abroad including: Hyperallergic, Art Observed, Arts Life and Arti. NYC.

Alien #11205 (Marianna Olinger) was born in Florianópolis (A.K.A. the Witches Island), in the south of Brazil. She is a polymath with degrees in fine art, administration, social policy and urban planning. She makes experimental models to test possible functional, aesthetic and theoretical scenarios to contribute to human development in harmony with other species and the planet. Her love for books comes a long way: she has writings on human rights, gender and urban planning published in over a dozen books, and has made several artist books as part of her practice. She is one of the founders of the E-metropolis Journal (a quarterly academic journal on urban planning) where she served as editor (2010-2014), and is an organizer of an independent Bookfair in NYC since 2015. She's currently an art teaching fellow at the Center for Urban Pedagogy.